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It’s July …. family reunions and homemade fried pies!
     Family reunions are all about fresh garden vegetables, meat raised on the farm, and delicious desserts. My favorite - homemade fried peach pies. I found out early on that as you go through the line filling your plate you better grab a fried pie because most likely they'd be gone second-time around.
     It was at one of these reunions that I realized the "extinction of homemade fried pies" was a strong possibility. The torch was being handed down to my generation and no one was prepared! That realization inspired me to pick up the torch and find the secret to making these tasty little pies with the delicate flaky crust while the "masters" were still with us.
     In that pursuit, it also led me to thinking of food in a whole different light. Simple, fresh, made-from-scratch became my goal. This is expected when you come from a family where tradition and heritage are a big part of your upbringing. With Mama's guidance .. "no recipes, mind you; it's here in my head", she'd say, I set out to master the fried pie. In the process, I began to embrace other foods of my youth such as chicken & dumplings, blackberry cobbler and cornbread dressing. I share my fried peach pie recipe on the Recipe page. Enjoy!
    Quote of the day: Farmers worry only during growing season, but town folk worry all the time.  



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Areeda and husband Joe Stampley at home in Nashville
Areeda and husband Joe Stampley at home in Nashville