Welcome to my first Blog!             Cooking Southern with Areeda……

      Southern made-from-scratch is my passion. Join me as we meander through this journey of sharing recipes, down home memories, life, and fearlessly plunging into exciting adventures. My recipes from “Areeda’s Southern Cooking, a collection of old-fashioned recipes” are family recipes plus others I have collected and tweaked over the years.
      Brace yourself!  I’m not a “professional blogger”; just someone who loves to pull up a chair and chat with friends. My “Home” page pretty much reveals who I am, and I’m excited to bring you into my kitchen.  
     My first Blog and the advent of Spring make for great beginnings. The transition from an invigorating winter of family time, fattening foods, and freezing rain give way to exciting thoughts of delicious salads, front porch lounging, buttercups showing off their beauty, and fresh tomato plants in newly-plowed gardens.
      My winter friends the cardinals and others who have been jockeying for their place at the feeders will become fair weather friends when the woodlands start blooming.  Bluebirds are anxiously checking out their chosen boxes in anticipation of starting a family.
      My featured Recipe of the Day is a wonderful salad found on the Recipes page.  Meat, potatoes and creamy casseroles are great in the wintertime; but come spring I’m ready for light tasty salads. We’ll gather around my kitchen table again soon. 
       Keep on cookin’
"WSMV-TV's \"More At Midday\" with hosts Holly Thompson & Tim Ross Deluxe Sweet Potatoes & Mandarin Salad
Areeda and husband Joe Stampley at home in Nashville
Areeda and husband Joe Stampley at home in Nashville