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April -- He is Risen!

           Friendly daffodils and hummingbirds beckon me outdoors as memories of springtime in the country recall warm tingly grass on bare feet, wild huckleberry bushes, and “all-day-singing & dinner-on-the-ground” church gatherings. A time when spirits are renewed. Womenfolk love spring because it’s time for menfolk to start cooking …on the backyard grill! Check out my favorite marinade for grilling on the Recipe page.                                             Aside from all of that…. April is a very special month because it holds our most cherished celebration – the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He is Risen!  Society attempts to make Easter Sunday all about egg hunts and bunny rabbits, but it’s critically important to remember and teach our children the true meaning of Easter. Jesus not only died for our sins on the cross, but arose on the third day victorious and is alive, so we who accept Him as Lord shall live again. The “church” that scripture speaks of is not a physical building, but it is the body of Christ which is the believers who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.                                                               Pray for our nation! We are a Christian nation – named for God’s only son, Jesus Christ! Special blessings to you and your family.




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Areeda and husband Joe Stampley at home in Nashville
Areeda and husband Joe Stampley at home in Nashville