Cookbook cover

a note from Areeda

    I grew up on a big farm in the great state of Alabama at a time when dinners were made from scratch and came straight from the garden. My love for home-cooking, traditional values, and Southern history prompted me to share these timeless family recipes.
     A passion for carrying on this tradition intensified when I realized that my favorite dessert – fried peach pie – was becoming extinct from our annual family reunions! Starting with the family recipe, I carefully tweaked and created my award-winning recipe which won a Blue Ribbon at the 2007 Tennessee State Fair Baking Competition and tied for Best of Show with my other entry – Chocolate Meringue Pie. I was hooked!
     My two sons developed a love for cooking, and enjoy being creative with all types of food. Both have recipes in my cookbook.
     My husband, Country Music legend Joe Stampley, enjoys being the "taster" when I’m trying out new recipes or tweaking others. He loves fishing the beautiful lakes of Tennessee and is the best fish-frying person around. Check out his recipe for fried crappie!
     Prior to authoring a cookbook, I enjoyed a long career at CBS Records/Nashville (now Sony Music), home to great country music and the famed Columbia Recording Studio and Quonset Hut Recording Studio. The friendships which were developed during my and my husband's music industry careers remain some of our dearest friends today.

      Keeping it Country - - our Food & our Music!!