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NOTE:  I have temporarily postponed  my "Memories of Music Row" article. Thank you for the great response expressing how much you are enjoying it.  I plan to resume it very soon!  ~areeda
 I really enjoy being a contributing writer for the newspaper Country Family Reunion News, an exciting, informative monthly newspaper about all things country music, particularly traditional country. The newspaper is owned by Country Road Management and Larry Black, Publisher. This team produces the highly popular TV shows Larry's Country Diner and Country's Family Reunion.  Both shows are shown on RFD-TV network and other networks across the nation.
     My monthly article Memories of Music Row is based, primarily, upon the period 1950s-1980s referred to as "The Glory Days";  when country music legends were at the top of the music charts. This exciting information is taken from my interviews with the "architects" of music row-  record producers, artists, musicians, recording engineers and songwriters, including firsthand knowledge through my 30-year employment at Columbia Recording Studios/CBS Records.
     You would enjoy this newspaper with its wealth of information about country music.
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"WSMV-TV's \"More At Midday\" with hosts Holly Thompson & Tim Ross Deluxe Sweet Potatoes & Mandarin Salad
Areeda and husband Joe Stampley at home in Nashville
Areeda and husband Joe Stampley at home in Nashville